Saul Good

28 May

Note: I have NOT been to the Hamburg location. This review is for the Fayette Mall location only.

Saul Good is the perfect place for you to strike out on a first date.

It’s atmosphere is perfect for those looking for a nice night out, even if it is a little cliche. The candles. The intimate booths. The chandeliers. If this was an Italian restaurant, there would be three guys serenading patrons with “Arriverderci Roma” or “Volare”. In fact, it’s a little too perfect. This is that place that you see in every movie, where the guy either charms the girl or gets a drink thrown in his face. Thankfully the food is great, so you won’t notice the cheese.

Saul Good is known around town for their chicken and waffles. Before I tried this restaurant (first time was a few years ago) all I heard was

“Oh, you HAVE to try the chicken & waffles!”
“Did you try the chicken & waffles yet!?”

After finally breaking down and trying the dish…I didn’t like it. At all. The waffle was too sweet, and the fried chicken just didn’t go well with the waffle. Surely it must have just been one bad dish, or I had just set myself up (or rather been hyped up by my friends) for disappointment. Either way, I decided the only fair way to assess the meal was to have it once more. I went back to the Fayette Mall location, ordered it, took my first bite and…same thing.

This started to drive me crazy. Ever since Saul Good opened, all I heard were tales on this plate’s excellence. It had to be me, I thought. I know I am a pizza snob, but could I be a chicken & waffles snob? Does such a thing even exist? I gave some to Kat, and she too didn’t care for it either. Finally! Someone else who believes the same as I do! One day, someone will scream “The Emperor has no clothes!” or maybe we’re just two people with no taste.

As for the other meals at Saul Goods that didn’t contain waffles or fried chicken, those are the ones that are worthy of folks praise. Whether it’s the Bleu Cheese Burger, a Wild Turkey Bourbon-Marinated Sirloin or even a simple chicken Caesar salad, Saul Good has something to offer everyone. I’d recommend the grilled salmon, which comes with both sun-dried tomato pesto and basil pesto. It has a pleasant, smooth taste with a little extra at the end.

The drinks are a little pricey ($8 for a bourbon and ginger ale “specialty drink”?) but they’re poured fairly. You may pay a little more but they won’t skimp on the alcohol. The bartenders know their stuff, plus they have a wide variety of beers. Whether you’re looking for a Hoegaarden or a Bud Light, chances are they have something for you. Saul Good also offers something called a “Recession Selection”, a rotating selection of beers that only costs you about $2. Tuesdays they offer half-off Woodford Reserve drinks during their happy hours (3-7pm Mon-Thurs and 3-6pm Fri-Sun), which is a great deal for one of the world’s best bourbons.

On our last trip, Kat and I went during lunch to the Fayette Mall location. Since the weather was perfect, we decided to sit outside. The Fayette Mall location doesn’t really have a patio, but it does have tables outside near the entrance. The Hamburg restaurant, however, does have a patio and I’ve heard nothing but great things about it. That patio features a fireplace along with heaters for the chilly nights, plus it’s covered for a slight escape from the sun.

We started off with a seasonal appetizer, the Chefs Cheese Plate. Simple enough: White and sharp cheddar, grapes, blue cheese, dried cranberries, almonds and crisps. Great presentation for a very simple dish. Everything complimented one other perfectly as it was a very satisfying appetizer. Our main courses came out about ten minutes after our appetizers, with Kat getting a chicken Caesar salad while I ordered a Szechwan Steak Sandwich.

The fries came out pre-seasoned, which was fine because they tasted great. They weren’t seasoned with any fancy ingredients, just your basic salt, pepper and maybe some steak seasoning. Pretty thin, but I’m not complaining. The sandwich is a tender cut of steak marinated in soy sauce, with sesame ginger dressed spinach on an artisan bun. Mine contained a little too much spinach, but not enough to make a fuss. The sandwich had a nice, spicy kick to it, and it went along great with the spinach. The beef, while tender, was a little rough in some patches. Overall though, it was worth our money.

Here’s where Saul Good separates itself from other local establishments: their assortment of desserts. The desserts range from the simple to some of the most decadent pieces. You could either have a waffle sundae, a Kahlua Cupcake, freshly popped popcorn covered in milk chocolate, or even a Chocolate pizza, which is pizza crust with marshmallows, peanut butter, chocolate fondue, strawberries and crushed peanuts. If you love chocolate, Saul Good is for you.

All in all Saul Good is a nice place for a meal. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, it’s great for gatherings and good times. Just make sure you get dessert!

Overall: B-/B
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